Celluheal gives every


Celluheal gives every


Skin is Collagen

Collagen is not just for beautiful plump, youthful skin; it has also been used for over 30 years in the wound care industry to promote the healing of open wounds.

Collagen is the main building block of skin. It provides strength and the framework for new tissue growth.  Our new wound care line CelluHeal™ is made of bioavailable, biodegradable, and non-toxic collagen that behaves like our own skin for maximum results.

CelluHeal™ helps skin

Now you have access to the most effective wound care products without a prescription for treating small scrapes and cuts, common in household and work injuries, right from your medicine cabinet.

CelluHeal™ employs bovine collagen, chosen for its close mimicry of human skin. This collagen is easily absorbed and integrated into wound tissue. All our products utilize Kollagen™ technology, ensuring the maintenance of the highest level of structure from cattle collagen for optimal skin absorption. CelluHeal™ provides a significant boost to wound healing, emphasizing the importance of wound care at home.

Elevate your wound care management with CelluHeal™, contributing to wound repair and skin regeneration. Recognizing the significance of every wound, CelluHeal™ employs advanced wound care techniques. Make sure your first aid kit is equipped with superior first aid supplies, including innovative wound care supplies that facilitate proper wound treatment and tissue regeneration. Every wound matters, and CelluHeal™ is there to support you in the journey of wound repair and regeneration.

CelluHeal™ comes in
Cellusheet & Cellufil.
Both can:

Bulk Ordering CelluHeal™

Human BioSciences works directly with healthcare providers to meet the needs of your clients. If your clients may have injured skin and would be interested in carrying stock of CelluHeal™ to give them advantages to boost healing, please apply today.

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