Cellufill Collagen Particles

Cellufill Collagen Particles

Cellufill, a natural-based product, stands out in the realm of advanced wound care practices, offering a solution to close even the most complicated wounds, now accessible without a prescription. Our groundbreaking Kollagen™ technology, introduced in 1991, revolutionized the wound care industry.

Cellufill utilizes 100% non-hydrolyzed Type 1 Bovine collagen, preserving more of its natural triple helical structure. This unique composition ensures that your body can absorb a higher amount of bioavailable essential protein, optimizing tissue regeneration across all four phases of wound healing. The Cellufill Particles play a crucial role in increasing the surface area of collagen available for direct contact with the wound surface.

Elevate your wound management with Cellufill, a key player in wound repair and skin regeneration. This advanced wound care product is an essential addition to any first aid kit, providing a solution for wound care at home. Ensure your first aid supplies include innovative wound care supplies, acknowledging the importance of Proper wound care in promoting effective wound treatment and tissue regeneration. Trust Cellufill in the journey of wound repair and regeneration, where every wound matters.

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Bulk Ordering CelluHeal

Human BioSciences works directly with healthcare providers to meet the needs of your clients. If your clients may have injured skin and would be interested in carrying stock of CelluHeal™ to give them advantages to boost healing, please apply today.

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