About Us

Our Success and Company History.

Human BioSciences, Inc has been manufacturing wound care products for over 30 years. HBS is a family-based business with three generations of the Jain family working together closely to bring their vision of healing millions of patients with complicated and difficult-to-heal wounds globally.

Human BioSciences, Inc manufactures collagen products shipped throughout the United States from a headquarters facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland. HBS is ISO certified with established manufacturing and quality assurance systems which the FDA regularly audits. HBS has expanded to manufacturing facilities in India, and Taiwan. Each of our facilities exceeds all quality standards and achieves unmatched yields, which support new product launches and expansion.

The Founder, Dr. Manoj Jain

In 1989, Dr. Manoj Jain developed the 1st collagen wound care product with proprietary technology that preserves the triple helical structure of collagen to maintain its physical and biological properties of Type 1 collagen. In 1991, Kollagen™ was developed and became the world’s first collagen wound care dressing cleared by the FDA.
Kollagen™ ultimately changed the wound care industry by creating a whole new class of products that would continue to evolve. Currently, collagen is a mainstream health and beauty product.

Bulk Ordering CelluHeal

Human BioSciences works directly with healthcare providers to meet the needs of your clients. If your clients may have injured skin and would be interested in carrying stock of CelluHeal™ to give them advantages to boost healing, please apply today.

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